About Us

We envision a world in which educators are equipped with the resources, support and training to deliver inspiring, hands-on science curricula that promote critical thinking skills, spark interest in science, connect science to daily life and prepare students for 21st Century challenges and opportunities.

Our Mission

CityScience raises the quality of science education while supporting environmental stewardship. By using the natural and built environments of cities as laboratories for active learning, we transform teaching to make science relevant and engaging for PreK-8 students.

Coaching Model

CityScience builds the capacity of school and after-school programs to deliver high quality PreK-8 science explorations. By supporting the educators least likely to have certificates in science, CityScience Coaches improve the quality of science content and the ability of educators to deliver it through co-inquiry and project-based pedagogies. 

Four tiers of Coaching engagements allow clients to choose the level of Coaching that meets their needs and budget. 

Core Beliefs

We believe science literacy will play an increasingly vital role in shaping the future of our world, and that all students deserve a high quality science education. Because science is best learned in connection to the communities in which we live, we have an obligation to integrate an understanding of the local built environment into our urban education models.

As the number of people living in cities increases, so does the need for sustainable practices. We have an opportunity to inspire a new generation of urban conservationists by helping our youth understand and bond with their local environments. 

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