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The commitment to improving the effectiveness of science education in low income areas starts at the top. Each CityScience Director brings diverse backgrounds and expertise in the fields of education, science and urban affairs.

Board of Directors

Mr. Michael Kasdan - Chairperson
Mr. Kasdan is a partner with Amster, Rothstein and Ebenstein, a firm specializing in Intellectual Property Law.  Mr. Kasdan not only utilizes his background in electrical engineering while dealing with new technologies, he has mentored students in math and physics and believes children shouldn’t just use technology, they should learn to build it.

Mr. Rahul Kothari - Treasurer
Mr. Kothari is a Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development for Sequa Corporation, a subsidiary of The Carlyle Group.  Mr. Kothari has an MBA from the Wharton School and a BS in biochemistry and chemistry.  Mr. Kothari believes scientific thinking builds life skills and creates opportunities in life.

Mr. Greg Share - Secretary
Mr. Share is a Partner of Moelis Capital Partners and has over 15 years of private equity investment experience. 

Mr. Zachary Bernstein
Mr. Bernstein is an associate practicing real estate law at Fried Frank.  A true urban enthusiast, Mr. Bernstein believes that the continuous process of building and rebuilding cities provides critical learning opportunities.

Dr. Jonathan Cobb
A retired physician, Dr. Cobb now teaches undergraduate biology, anatomy, and physiology.  His commitment to science education extends beyond the classroom and into counseling students pursuing health science careers.  Dr. Cobb’s awareness of the need for supportive education environments in urban areas was influenced by his mother, a renowned research scientist and educator.

Mr. Mark DeAngelis
Mr. DeAngelis is the CEO of Macro Climate Solutions, LLC, a principal investment and advisory firm in the alternative energy and environmental sectors. Mr. DeAngelis is inspired by his young son’s love of experiential learning and the outdoors. Mr. DeAngelis joined CityScience to help advance its coaching model and drive even greater impact for students in the most challenged communities.

Mr. Mike Powell
Mr. Powell is Executive Director Continuing Education & Workforce Development for the Passaic Community College system in New Jersey. Mr. Powell holds a masters degree in Urban Planning from Cornell University.

Mr. Thor Snilsberg - Executive Director
Mr. Snilsberg is the founder and Executive Director of CityScience.  For his staff biography and contact information click here

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