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Grade 1 Science Scope & Sequence

-- Unit 1 - Animal Diversity

Pillbug Habitats

In the single session, Students learn about the anatomy, habitat, and behavior of pilllbugs.  Students will observe live pillbugs using basic science tools and reflect by doing an art project.  In the multi session, students study pillbugs using the Scientific Method, conducting experiments with live pillbugs and creating a terrarium for them.  On a trip to the park, students compare pillbugs to crayfish and observe them in their natural habitat.

3 or 5 Sessions. LE 1.1a, 3.1a, 3.1c
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Discover a Habitat: Pond

In this field trip students are given an opportunity to study plants and creatures using magnifying lenses and field guides. Students observe animals in their natural pond environment, as well as identifying different types of pond creatures that exist in this ecosystem (April 15-October 15 only).

3 or 5 Sessions. LE 3.1a, 1.1a, 3.1a, 4.1a, e, f, g
Field Trip details: Field Trip to Nearby Pond
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-- Unit 2 - Properties of Matter

Soil Chefs

Students investigate the physical properties of rocks and soil through puppetry, hands on activities, and rock collection.  Students become ‘soil chefs’ while learning about basic geology.

3 or 5 Sessions. PS 3.1e,f, 3.2a
Field Trip details: Field Trip to Local Park
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-- Unit 3 - Weather and Seasons

Animals In Winter

Students will discuss adaptation, hibernation, migration, and other ways animals survive in the winter. They will also become “winter detectives”, by searching for signs of animal life.

3 or 5 Sessions. PS 1.1a, 2.1a,b, 3.1g, 4.2a
Field Trip details: Field Trip to Local Park
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The field guides and aquatic ecology supplies alone saved our camp at Horizon Farm $1,000 at least. Josh Borkin Summer Camp Director