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Grade 3 Science Scope & Sequence

-- Unit 1 - Matter

Don’t Trash It

Students investigate issues of recycling, reuse, and conservation to better understand waste disposal and its impact on the environment. Students study the life cycle of common objects like the aluminum can, and develop possible solutions to problems of pollution.

3 or 5 Sessions. PS 3.1b,c
Local Walk details: Neighborhood Walk
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-- Unit 2 - Energy

Power Up!

To understand how to become energy smart, students first explore how our bodies require and use energy.  Through experimentation and investigation, students apply these understandings to learning how our city is powered.  In the final session, the class determines how to become energy conservation experts through games and science experiments.

3 or 5 Sessions. PS 4.1a,b,d,f,g, 4.2a,b
Local Walk details: Neighborhood Walk
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-- Unit 4 - Plant and Animal Adaptations

Colorful Creatures

Students explore animal habitats, predator/prey relationships and camouflage through hands on activities, games and art projects.

3 or 5 Sessions. LE 3.1a,c, 5.2b,d,e,f, 6.1f
Local Walk details: Nieghborhood Walk
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Pillbug Habitats

In the single session, Students learn about the anatomy, habitat, and behavior of pilllbugs.  Students will observe live pillbugs using basic science tools and reflect by doing an art project.  In the multi session, students study pillbugs using the Scientific Method, conducting experiments with live pillbugs and creating a terrarium for them.  On a trip to the park, students compare pillbugs to crayfish and observe them in their natural habitat.

3 or 5 Sessions. LE 3.1a, c
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