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Grade 7 Science Scope & Sequence

-- Unit 1 - Geology

Urban Geology

Students explore the properties of rocks and minerals through a series of tests and use a dichotomous key to identify specific samples.  On a neighborhood walk, students understand the rock cycle through the built environment and identify earth materials in city buildings.

3 or 5 Sessions. PS 2.2a,g,h,i, 2.1a,e,f,g,h,i, LE 3.2b,c
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-- Unit 4 - Dynamic Equilibrium: Other Organisms

Insect Metropolis

Students study the relationship between insects and humans in an urban environment. Students build anatomical models, use a dichotomous key, and observe insects in their local park.

Special Education, 3 or 5 Sessions. LE 1.1g, 5.1b,c,d,e,f,g, 5.2a
Field Trip details: Field Trip to Local Park
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