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Past Volunteers

Volunteering at CityScience is an exciting hands-on way to understand and help develop high quality science education. Past volunteers include everyone from high school students to working professionals, from college undergrads to local scientists. Check out these past volunteers and their experiences to understand how you can help CityScience and education in urban youth!

High School Volunteers

Julissa Hernandez

Julissa is a junior at Clara Barton High School, and recently got accepted to her major, which is Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). She is a mix of Dominican and Black, and can speak two languages. She is also an intern at Brooklyn Children’s Museum, and hopes to one day be a pediatrician.

Cynthia Cheng

Cynthia is a student at Stuyvesant High School, where she is a part of StuySquad and Red Cross. She was also in Model UN for three years, where she participated in three national conferences. Cynthia helps her teachers after school with labs and tutors kids K-8 in algebra. She is currently in a summer workshop CodeNow, learning to code on the weekends. This is her first year at CityScience, and is excited to immerse herself in the program this summer. Cynthia hopes to one day create her own app.

Kevin Lin

Kevin_Lin_headshotKevin is a senior at Staten Island Tech who fills his days and nights with everything science. He has competed in the National Science Olympiad and on the Envirothon team placing second in New York State . During the summers, Kevin has attended Johns Hopkins Physics Camp, American Museum of Natural Museum programs for young scholars, and conducted genetic research with local university professors.  Currently, Kevin is spending a semester at the Mountain School where he is further connecting science to the real world.  While at CityScience, Kevin led research on non point source pollution that CityScience uses on a regular basis.  Kevin’s leaf litter activity was published in Scientific American’s Bringing Science Home Series.

Aaron Kirshenberg

AaronAaron is a senior at Bronx Science and a passionate soccer player. As a summer intern, he has researched ways we can all save energy and harness alternative energy. With the of the idea to bring a green roof to Bronx Science, he has worked with school administrations, PTAs, and a private company to began the process. In the second year of this effort, a decision has been made to pursue a green wall, which will be located in the lobby of the school.

Nate Sassoon

Nate is in the 8th grade at Birch Wathen Lenox school. He also studies music at the Mannes College of Music, in the preparatory division. Nate plays both the piano and the cello, and also loves to sing opera. His last opera role was First Spirit in Magic Flute with the Amore Opera. Besides music, Nate also loves learning programming languages and film editing programs, such as Final Cut Pro and Motion 5. He has been teaching himself Python, which can be used to write games and organize data.  In his past projects with CityScience, he has produced and edited a video about a school in Brooklyn called “Mazel Day School” where the students learned about the natural sciences connected to Hurricane Sandy. Currently, Nate is working on developing an educational interactive video game about the life of a pigeon in New York City.

Esme Trontz

A senior at Hunter High School, Esme began volunteering as a summer intern and continues to help out at CityScience after-school as her schedule permits. Combining her love for science and cooking, she has compiled research on the chemistry of cooking, baking and food science. Identifying and developing ideas for activities, Esme has explored why an egg cooks the way it does or what happens to gluten when you mix flour with water. Esme published her gluten activity in Scientific American’s Bringing Science Home series.  Esme’s research will be used to expand CityScience’s after-school programs in nutrition.

Amani Copes-Dennis

AmaniAmani an 8th grader at the Bronx High School for Computers and Technology. She is a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and on her way to receiving her third-degree black belt. She’s been doing Tae Kwon Do for ten years, since she was four years old. When she was working at CityScience, Amani researched simple machines and how they relate to the real world and our everyday lives. Amani also helped out in the CityScience office by cataloging books and creating files on the computer to create a general idea of what types of books CityScience has.

Jay Russell

Jay is a high school freshman at the Churchill School, located in Manhattan. In his spare time, he likes to play video games, watch anime, Tennis, and Soccer. He also has an interest in technology, specifically computer programming. Jay has been assigned a task to serve 20-hours of his time to community service. He has decided to work at CityScience, as he does have an interest in science and education.

Indra Irvin

Indra is a freshman at Churchill School and center. He is working with City Science to fulfill his community service hours. In school he is a part of the computer and technology elective as well as the robotics club. He takes interest in computer programming and computer history. In his free time he enjoys watching anime, playing video games and occasionally going for a run on the weekends.

Maya Drzewicki

College/Graduate Interns

Jenna Jayoung Lee

Jenna is a senior at Hanyang University in South Korea, majoring in English language and literature and minoring in media culture. She is interested in education and media production. Previously worked as chief producer in the Hanynag University Broadcasting Station and KIV (Korean Interpretation Volunteer) teacher in the Korean National Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations. Her goal in City Science is to observe the different education environment is United State compared to South Korea, which are more focused on developing students’ interest and creativity. Hopes to work in related organization after graduation.

Yumin Lee

Yumin is a senior majoring in Materials Science and Engineering at Hanyang University, Korea. As she learned science, her interests in energy and environment began. Her final goal is getting Ph.D. in field of energy efficiency. Also, when she teaches or counsel students, she has a sense of achievement. She has participated as a major manager and organized mentoring program for low-income students. She hopes to give many educational opportunities to low-income students. At CityScience, she wants to learn more about educational services and environmental issues.

Hyejin Jo

Hyejin was born in Seoul, South Korea. She is a student at Sahmyook University with a major in English Communication and double major in psychology. She loves to help, listen, and teach others. She has many experiences of teaching young children especially lower income family. She has always been interested in experimental science ever since she was a member of science club in middle school, Spring Valley Academy. She has special interest in landscaping so she worked as an assistant in the university’s landscaping department. She loves flowers, trees, and making things by hand. One of her goals is a world tour. She already traveled nine countries! As a CityScience intern, she looks forward to care environment. In future, she will continue her career in psychology and education.

Xinze Yao

XinzeXinze holds Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Law, and she’s currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Economic and Financial Policy at Cornell University. She is particularly interested in public-private partnership, and has work experience in both public and private sectors. During her undergraduate studies, she spent 6 months with China Red Cross, volunteered at hospitals to provide psychological counseling for Tibetian children who had congenital heart disease, and interviewed patients who lived below poverty line and suffered critical illness to provide financial aid. She also participated in the Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Team (SMART) Project and traveled to Indonesia to study the development and transforming role of SMEs in Indonesia. Xinze has been to or lived in China, Japan, India, Pacific Asia, Oceania and Jamaica. In her spare time, Xinze is always on her way to explore another culture.

Maria Tan

Maria received her B.A. in Chemistry from Rutgers University and has worked in the flavor and fragrance industry performing quality control for the past two years. There, she used theoretical knowledge and laboratory skills and often trains interns in quality testing. As a proponent of clean energy, she participated in the Department of Energy’s Better Building Case Competition with a team of classmates to develop a solar energy program for Trenton, NJ.  As a nature advocate, her other projects include the preservation of historic land and its promotion for recreational and educational use in Bethlehem, PA Recently, Maria has sparked an interest in teaching when she recognized the importance of youth involvement in science because of the critical role it plays in our everyday lives. She volunteers at CityScience because she has a desire to help those students in high-need areas that deserve teachers who are passionate and an equal opportunity education. She dedicated her last semester to interning at our office doing research on the topic of her choice, ocean acidification, and compiled resources that can be used for future curricula.  Maria hopes to inspire students to be confident in themselves when learning science.

Su Hyun Hong

Born in South Korea, Su Hyun Hong is a graduate of SungShine Women’s University with a major in Psychology. Her interests in education started when she volunteered as an art therapist for people diagnosed with schizophrenia and when she was a field trip manager of Aplus Academy in the Philippines. She grew up in the city of Seoul, but has been active in simple farming and environmental stewardship as taught by her grandparents. With CityScience, Su Hyun wants to learn and share the knowledge of the environment and science and help take care of the health of students’ mind by improving education and the natural environment.

Bernice Afram

Bernice is a recent graduate from Herbert H. Lehman High School. She desires to major in Occupational Therapy, and also would like to visit her home country Ghana, to help dysfunctional families and rebuild the country.

Danielle Augustus

Danielle is a recent graduate from Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women. She will be attending Dutchess Community College this fall, where she is interested in becoming a doctor, nurse, teacher, or lawyer. She will be the first of her siblings to attend college. In her free time, she enjoys going to the movies, getting her nails done, shopping, and hanging out with family and friends. She is very excited to be a part of CityScience because her experiences here would correspond to what she would like to do in her future careers.

Jahnisha Ebanks

Jahnisha is a graduate from Edward R. Murrow High School. She is a mix of Jamaican, Costa Rican, Indian and Trinidadian. She was a part of the Badminton team at her school, and enjoys being organized. She is the oldest of her five siblings and loves spending time with her family.

Tarika Giscombe

Tarika is a Nursing student at New York City College of Technology. Her interests include Biology, reading, bike riding and zip lining. She is very interested in science, and her wish is to help the needy and sick. She hopes to obtain a Doctor Nurse Practitioner (DNP) after attaining a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Her degree in nursing will help fulfill her wish.

Ashana Hutton

Ashana is a sophomore at New York City College of Technology, where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Her interests include volunteering, swimming, shopping, and spending time with friends. She also likes traveling to her home country Jamaica where she enjoys the beaches and warm climate.

Uria Polidore

Uria is a recent graduate from Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women, and attending Champlain College this fall. She plans on studying International Business or Veterinarian Technician. She participated in Robotics club freshman year, where she attended a competition at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, and took college courses for Precalculus. She was a teacher’s assistant for living environment, guiding freshmen with labs and coursework. In her free time Uria enjoys to skateboard, going to Punk Rock concerts, and studying different languages and cultures.

Sinthema Roy

Sinthema is a sophomore at the University of Masachusettes-Amherst. She is working toward majoring in biology on both the pre-medical and neuroscience track. She has a strong interest in research and neuroscience. She aspires to join the medical field as a neurologist in the future. She is currently a STEM Education Research Intern at City Science though the Ladders for Leaders Program. In the past, she has worked closely with children at Kelly Full Service community school located in Holyoke, MA to enrich the children’s knowledge and interest in the STEM field as a STEM Ambassador. She achieved this by introducing fun and exciting experiments to the children. She hopes to carry on ways to help children get involved in the STEM fields by developing and introducing fascinating STEM projects to intrigue students.

Jeremy Zayas

Jeremy is a recent graduate from the High School for Enterprise, Business, and Technology. He will be attending New York City College of Technology in the fall, majoring in Computer Information Systems. He has recently completed the Cisco Certified Entry Level Technician (CCENT) Certificate program from Cisco Systems, inc. His dream job is to be the Network Administrator of a backbone network, and is working toward that dream with the degree and certifications he is earning.

Kijung Stephanie Sim

Kijung is a student of Sungshin Women’s University with a major in history and double major in psychology. She has lots of interest in psychology and education. She wanted to teach others and assist their internal growth since she was young, So she volunteered in elementary schools for 2 years teaching students math and teaching English to mentally challenged students. She likes to listen to others and sympathize with them. She eventually wants to be a counselor who cures people’s hearts and souls, and make them have the energy to live their lives to the fullest. She is a good challenger. She likes helping others, traveling, and reading books. With CityScience, Kijung wants to assist students’ learning not in a passive way but in an active way and assist their internal growth by the natural environment.

Minhee Lee

Minhee is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Business at Sangmyung University in South Korea. Minhee is interested in environmental contamination and ecosystem protection, and she has participated in the environmental movements in Canada and South Korea. Also, Minhee loves to travel to the world and to experience various cultures. She has been to Europe, Southeast asia and North America. Now, Minhee is exploring New York.

Michele Bradley

MicheleMichele is a sophomore at Macaulay Honors College at Baruch and is majoring in Mathematics and Environmental Science with a minor in New York City Studies. Her goal is to educate people about the environment and get others as interested in the environmental sustainability movement as she is.  As a CityScience Intern, she can hone in on this goal through her research into farming and planting in New York City. This incorporates researching fields such as Vertical Farming and Green Roofs.

Jackson Patrick

Jackson Patrick is a senior at Montclair High School. He works with CityScience through the Career Internship Program (CIP) at Montclair High School. Jackson has a strong interest in building and operating electronic devices, and in his spare time, plays and uploads video game footage to YouTube. Jackson will be attending the New Jersey Institute of Technology in the fall to study Computer Engineering.

Sharon Lee

Sharon was born in Seoul, South Korea. In Seoul, she is a senior of Sangmyung University. At Sangmyung University, she is majoring in French Education and minoring in international trade. She is also a tutor of the Seoul’s educational project called “Donghang ”. Through this project, she is participating in the mission to equalize educational opportunities in Seoul. She had a great interest in the work to provide a better education for every class of student. At CityScience, Sharon hopes to learn and understand the knowledge of educational services and also discover the way to provide a better education for students.

Eunji Kang

Eunji Eunji was born in Jeju Island, South Korea. She is majoring in Policy at Hanyang University. Her goal is to implement greater policies to better the world. By having this dream, Eunji became interested in the environment and education. At CityScience in New York, she hopes to experience many diverse people and learn about the education policies that can improve the city and society.

Audrey Massmann

AudreyAudrey Massmann is a May 2014 graduate of Barnard College.  She majored in Environmental Science and minored in Chemistry while directing a Let’s Get Ready! tutoring program for underserved high schoolers and performing original research on the soil microbial communities of Malaysian rainforests and New York City green roofs and parks.  As an NSF-funded Noyce Teacher Scholar, she has completed pedagogical coursework and an independent study of inquiry science teaching and science teacher preparation in a New York City public middle school classroom, the findings of which she presented as part of the Barnard STEM Colloquium Series.  She plans to complete the requirements to be certified as a New York secondary science teacher by student teaching with Noyce support in Fall 2014.  At CityScience, Audrey will be curating the database of lesson plans, formulating curriculum maps, and proposing areas where lesson plans could be expanded into more cohesive curricula.

Kenan Williams

KenanKenan will be a rising sophomore at Hobart and William Smith colleges. He is triplet and the middle child with one younger sister and one older sister. His parents were both born in Guyana, but he was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He plays basketball for Hobart college, takes part in the Caribbean Students Association Club, and participates in community service. He recently became interested in Environment Studies and has enrolled in a class this upcoming semester. At CityScience, Kenan hopes to learn and understand what is going on in the environment and what is causing the rapid changes, while also learning how to keep the environment safe.

Joshua Mark

JoshuaJoshua is a rising sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University. He was born and raised in the Bronx as the oldest of three brothers. At Carnegie Mellon, he is majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a possible double major in Robotics. He is also a member of the National Society of Black Engineers and a racing sport called “Buggy.” He has always been interested in technology ever since he was a part of the robotics team in high school. At CityScience, Joshua hopes to learn discover different ways to teach kids about the STEM field using the scenery and technology of New York City.

Devon Henry

DevonServing as a Special Projects Intern at CityScience, Devon utilizes his background in Information Technology. Formerly a project manager with the Department of Education, this Bronx native understands firsthand how STEM education helps children realize their full potential.  Currently, Devon is working to improve CityScience’s Salesforce Customer Relationship Management software.  Graduating in December 2013 with double major in business and computer science from Brooklyn College, Devon looks forward to continuing his career managing information technology projects. 

Jiyoun Park

Jiyoun is a senior Education major at Sangmyung University. She has a big interest in language and photography. During her vacations, Jiyoun has volunteered to develop, manage and teach elementary and middle school student. As a winter intern, she plans to research ways we can preserve nature and inform people relationship about nature and science. Graduating in February 2015 with a double major in Education and English Education and a qualification as lifelong educator, Jiyoun looks forward to starting her own educational program.

Suh (Bonnie) Hyun-rung

Bonnie is a University student in Korea, interested in the environment and education. She volunteered at a community center for two years as a university student-teacher and has been to Africa and Thailand as a teacher’s assistant. Her dream is to one day be a teacher. As a winter intern, Bonnie supported CityScience in a range of ways to improve the awareness of the environment. In the future, she is looking forward to continuing a career of teaching.

Janelle Batta

Obed Danlami

Courtney Kwan

Jane Miner

Leah Perlmutter

Eric Persuad

Savera Weersinghe

Professional Volunteers


Cornell Institute for Public Affairs under University


New York Lawyers for the Public Interest


Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom


American Society of Civil Engineers

CityScience believes in creating meaningful internships for high school students with a passion for science while also supplementing a wide range of professional experiences for graduate and undergraduate students.  To learn more about CityScience internships, visit our jobs page.


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