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Become a Partner to our Partners.  By pledging -as little as a dollar a day- you become part of the ongoing support CityScience provides to our school partners throughout the year.

Why support CityScience School Partnerships

NYC middle school students are not receiving an adequate science education and are missing the chance to understand how science connects to their lives.  By using the natural and built environments as laboratories for active learning, CityScience transforms teaching to make science relevant and engaging.

Led by CityScience’s expert Coaches, School Partnerships are long-term collaborative commitments to improve STEM instruction, curriculum, and school culture grounded in hands-on projects and student inquiry.

How CityScience School Partnerships work

Each year partner schools are selected through a competitive application process.  Selected partner schools get an onsite coach to provide ongoing professional development as well as curriculum, labs, and needed science supplies. CityScience’s capacity-building partnerships provide more then expert Coaches, selected schools receive matching grants to leverage their investments in building high-quality science programs.

CityScience matching grants leverage investments schools make in the professional development of their staff. Full partnerships have an annual operating budget of $30,000, of which CityScience provides $10,000.  All students deserve a quality science education, and that is why CityScience brings money along with expertise to our partners.

By joining us to improve middle school science you will receive

  • School Partner Package- a welcome that includes a science project and other thank you goodies.
  • School Partner Profiles- regular email updates profiling the schools, teachers and classes you support.
  • Invitations to CityScience Partner Parties- Four times a year CityScience brings together all of our partner schools for celebrations with our school supporters. The first party is on Thursday, October 23 from 6:30pm-8:00pm. Come meet the partners and get to know CityScience.

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