Our Educational Approach


BigSoilBorder Inquiry-based learning starts with a question and cooperative inquiry is the process of teachers and students answering questions together. Scaffolded by teachers, students use tools to find information, explore causes and create meaning. In the process, they develop analytical skills and become group and individual problem solvers.


Scientific topics are more accessible and relevant when connected to the real world. Place-based lesson plans with hands-on experiments invite student exploration, allow differentiated learning and directly link science topics to life, community, neighborhoods and the future.

Integrated Curricula

Students benefit when science is taught with other subjects. An integrated science curriculum combines math, geography, social studies, and history. Mapping lesson plans between subjects creates thematic learning environments. When learning is organized around themes, students have more opportunities to practice interdisciplinary skills like literacy, numeracy, research and critical thinking.


Students learn by doing and sharing their learning. Experiences such as observing, experimenting, creating data, dissecting and journaling create opportunities for students to apply their learning. End of project portfolios and presentations celebrate student learning and achievement.

This is the youngest and most energetic board I have participated on. Edward Blatchford Founding Chairperson