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CityScience partnerships are long-term engagements committed to developing staff and changing the culture of science education in schools and Community Based Organizations. Apply to be a partner today. Click here!

School Partnerships

School partnerships are long-term commitments to improving instruction, curriculum, and school culture. CityScience Coaches, school administrators, and teachers work together to plan and implement an integrated science curriculum that engages students and improves performance across subject areas and grade levels. Over a one-to three-year period, partner schools benefit from all of CityScience’s services. 

Our partnership goal is to help schools create the conditions needed for teachers to spark an active interest in science and explore its relationship to other subjects.  Curricula are sequenced and structured to ensure that students meet or exceed State standards. Teachers are given the tools and support needed to deliver exciting, relevant lessons.

Partner schools receive:

  • A dedicated site coordinator
  • Student courses with instruction
  • Professional development workshops
  • Teacher observation & coaching
  • Pre and post curriculum evaluation
  • Pre and post curricula integration maps
  • Coordinated lesson planning projects
  • Administrative and organizational support
  • Grant identification and assistance

Community Partnerships

To improve educational programming in the public realm, CityScience partners with parks, conservancy groups, environmental organizations, museums, and community-based organizations. Our goal is to strengthen partner organizations by developing place-based educational programs that connect partners with their constituents and enhance service-learning opportunities.

Connect with Constituents

Educational programming is a great way to connect with your constituents, expand your donor base and create positive change. CityScience provides educational content, programming, instructors, and customized curricula that fit a variety of needs and budgets.

Enhance Service-Learning Opportunities

Service learning is a powerful tool for social change and environmental stewardship. From annual clean ups to national service initiatives, CityScience provides the curricular connections necessary to enhance a project’s relevance, voice, and sustained impact. 

A community partnership may explore:

  • Ecology & Earth Sciences
  • Ecosystems & Biodiversity
  • Animals & Habitats
  • Civics & Environmental Justice
  • Conservation & Sustainability
  • Architecture & Urban Design
  • Natural & Social History
  • Industry & Transportation
  • Adaptive Reuse & Preservation

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