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Staff Workshops

CityScience workshops support educators who want to make STEM more relevant and engaging for their students with hands-on, real-world explorations and experiments. Staff workshops are available for early childhood, elementary, middle school, and after-school youth development professionals looking to master STEM content and practice new STEM pedagogies. 

All workshops are offered in half, full and multi-day formats to help you meet your staff development goals.  Workshop pricing is determined by the number of staff participating and the duration of each workshop.

  • On Site Workshops SW1wborderare held at your school or Extended Learning Time site. Educators are provided with the tools and materials necessary to implement STEM curriculum.  Visit the Professional Development section of our catalog to learn about the content and pedagogy workshops available.

  • Field Workshops SW2wborderare held outside in your school or site and illustrate how the natural and built environments can become laboratories for active learning.  Working with your Coach, CityScience will help you select content and pedagogy workshops that fit your unique location.

  • Summer & Break Week Workshops SW2wborder are sessions to learn how to develop lesson plans that use informal resources for interdisciplinary learning. During these workshops, educators plan and rehearse STEM explorations with their colleagues and leave equipped with classroom ready units.

  • Chancellor & Non Teaching Day Workshops SW4wborder are a series of low or no cost workshops in our small Midtown office.  These workshops are a great way for a handful of educators to get to know more about CityScience.  Participants are encouraged to begin using our Lending Library and go home with the materials to try a new STEM activity.  Spots fill up fast in these workshops, click here to learn how to enroll.

All CityScience workshops programs equip teachers with the skills, resources, and confidence to lead hands-on and minds-on STEM activities. We believe that applied learning opportunities enable students to grasp science content more quickly and develop critical thinking skills that will serve them throughout their education and lives. 

We want to prepare
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the fields of STEM.
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