Page: School Partnerships: Teachers and Student with Bucket CityScience helps educators PreK-8 bring science to life.
Page: Teacher Training: 3 Teachers with Guide Training that equips teachers with skills, resources and confidence.
Page: Student Courses: 3 students with snail Our expert Coaches deliver on-site, hands-on student courses.
Page: Funders: 4 girls Scientific inquiry centers on learning how ask and answer questions.

Program Snapshots


Meet the CityScience Staff: Robens Bien-Aimé

In January 2014, Robens Bien-Aimé of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, joined CityScience for his very first internship in the United States.


CityScience Gets a Mention in PBS NewsHour

In a PBS NewsHour story covering the innovative Lowline project, CityScience gets a small, but exciting mention!

Marlene Braha

Meet the CityScience Staff: Marlene Braha

At CityScience, a small--but very important--group of people toil behind the scenes to ensure we provide the best services possible to the teachers and students with whom we work.

NYC Outdoors! Flyer

CityScience Visits NYU for Environmental Education Expo

On October 19, CityScience will join other exhibitors at the NYC Outdoors! Environmental Education Expo.

CityScience is committed to raising the quality of science education and supporting environmental stewardship. By using the natural and built environments of cities as laboratories for active learning, we transform teaching to make science relevant and engaging for PreK-8 students.

This is the youngest and most energetic board I have participated on. Edward Blatchford Founding Chairperson