Page: Teacher Training: 3 Teachers with Guide Training that equips teachers with skills, resources and confidence.
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Page: Funders: 4 girls Scientific inquiry centers on learning how ask and answer questions.

Program Snapshots


Executive Director Thor Snilsberg Appears on New York Live

On Monday, April 25, CityScience Executive Director Thor Snilsberg appeared on New York Live.

Alfonso - Profile

Meet the CityScience Staff: Alfonso Perez

Alfonso Perez is CityScience’s newest coach for our longtime partner, New Design Middle School--but he’s far from new to education.


Behind the Scenes: Testing Gadgets for CityScience Programs

Before CityScience introduces new projects to the students in its programs, we test them to make sure that they are not only fun and educational but also functional!

Thor and Quote

Executive Directors and Leaders Unite to Build Small Agencies in NYC

On March 10, CityScience's Executive Director completed the final session of PASE's Executive Leadership Series for Small Agencies.

CityScience is committed to raising the quality of science education and supporting environmental stewardship. By using the natural and built environments of cities as laboratories for active learning, we transform teaching to make science relevant and engaging for PreK-8 students.

A middle schooler and volunteer, I am making a difference in the way science is taught in public schools. Nate 8th Grader, New York, NY