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Quickly and easily access CityScience's robust curriculum catalog of over 200 course sessions that we teach at K-12 schools, afterschool settings, early education centers, and summer camps. CityScience lessons are coded to all state core academic standards and are designed to engage all students: general education, English language learners (ELL) and special education (SP.ED.) students.

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Course Name Grades ELL SP.ED
8th Grade Science Exit Projects 4-9
Animals In Winter 1-3
Architecture: The Green We Need 6-12 ELL
Big Blue Pebble 4-8
Bridges of NYC 9-12 ELL
Bridges of NYC 9-12
Colorful Creatures 1-2
Dinosaurs to Crayons 2-3
Discover a Habitat: Pond K-3
Discover a Habitat: Woods K-3
Discovering the World of Insects PreK-3
Don’t Trash It 2-3
Early Childhood Explorations PreK-3 ELL SP.ED.
Earth Science Labs and Regents Focus 8-12
Ecology Seminar for Teachers 4-12
Eight Legs and More K-1 SP.ED.
Environmental Classroom for Teachers 4-8
Environmental Mapping 4-12
Environmental Mapping 4-12
Exploring the Built Environment PreK-3
Exploring the Urban Forest 4-8 SP.ED.
Food and the Big Apple 4-8
Getting an Early Start in Science with Little Critters PreK-3
Great Brooklyn Bridge 4-12 ELL
Healthy Food, Healthy City K-1
Hungry Caterpillar PreK-3 SP.ED.
Insect Metropolis 4-8 SP.ED.
Journey of a Seed 1-3 ELL SP.ED.
Living Environments Regents Focus 8-12
Local Aquatic Ecology 4-8
Location, Location, Location 1-3
Neighborhood Design Project: Architecture 4-8 ELL SP.ED.
Neighborhood Naturalist 4-8 ELL SP.ED.
Neighborhood Puppet Theatre PreK-3 SP.ED.
Nitty Gritty Soil Science 1-3
Once Upon a Street PreK-2
Park Pals PreK-1 SP.ED.
Pillbug Habitats PreK-3
Power Up! 2-3
Project Green Lab 4-7
Renewable NYC 4-8 ELL
Secret Life of Plants 4-8 ELL
Simon the Squirrel PreK-1 SP.ED.
Snail Trails PreK-1 SP.ED.
Soil Chefs PreK-K
Sustainability and Eco-Footprinting 4-12
Sustainable Science Education for Elementary Teachers PreK-3
Urban Design Explorations 4-8 ELL SP.ED.
Urban Ecology Explorations 4-12 ELL SP.ED.
Urban Food Systems for Teachers 4-8
Urban Geology 4-8
Urban Planning 4-12 ELL
Urban Studies 4-12 ELL
Walk It, Plan It, Build It 2-3
Waterway Pollution and Remediation 4-12
Wiggly Worms PreK-1 ELL SP.ED.
Williamsburg Bridge 4-12 ELL
CityScience's Great Brooklyn Bridge curriculum brings hands-on history and engineering to schools and the public in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Kara Gllmour, Dir. of Education & Stewardship Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy