Robotics at SAYA

SAYA has been a Robotics Partnership site for two and a half years. They’re now on a quest to field their FIRST LEGO League team. If you’d like to do this in the future, sign up here! Family Engagement Support for new LEGO teams extends beyond the school and after-school day. CityScience coordinates school outreach…

Superfoods – Not all heroes wear capes!

Students learned the power of superfood seaweed as they connected a healthy sushi meal to six essential nutrients, and sustainable food production. A great starting point to discuss Japanese culture and its influence on our city.  

Opa! The Science of Pita Pockets

Bacteria can be helpful–and tasty too. Students learned how microorganisms work with us in food creation and digestion while baking traditional Mediterranean pita bread. Did you know NYC has the highest population of Greeks in the United States? Students discussed Greek culture and history as they ate their healthy snack. Check out this Greek thing…

Going Green with Veggie Stir Fry

A veggie stir fry makes for a delicious primer on plant anatomy. Students tossed colorful seasonal veggies together while learning about traditional Chinese cooking staples and the history and influence of Chinese culture in NYC. Get your fix of stir-fry summer veggies like squash, tomatoes and corn at one of NYC’s many farmer’s markets!

Kids thought our French Toast unit was sweet!

French toast with stale bread introduces the topic of food waste, and ways of limiting it. The group also discussed the importance of local food production, the history, influence, and culinary techniques of French culture in NYC. Yum! Thanks to City Harvest for putting potential food waste to good use fighting hunger in NYC!

Summertime Tacos

This FITBA lesson introduced the history, influence and culinary techniques of Mexican culture in NYC, and featured delicious vegetarian tacos. Students explored the five main food groups and tasted one healthy option form each group while making tacos.   STEM connection?

Chemistry, Physics and Italy in NYC

Healthy mini-pizzas taught students the differences between physical and chemical changes and how they aid in food processing. Cheese served as a tasty introduction to the process of fermentation used to make many different food products. Finally, we couldn’t talk about pizza without talking about one of NYC’s longest cultural histories–Italian culture and culinary techniques.

FITBA Week 1 on the Books!

Students practiced using their five senses to explore herbs such as basil, oregano and mint, and a variety of seasonal fruits. Students also learned how to properly and safely handle a knife and understand the components of a recipe while making delicious fruit salad! The group acted as food scientists, as they described their fruit salad…

Announcing a DYCD Partnership

For the second summer in a row CityScience is proud to contract with DYCD to provide our experiential STEM program, Food in the Big Apple to three hundred youth citywide. FITBA provides five elementary-focused nutrition lessons that build STEM skills by supporting exploration of new Federal My Plate program. The program also includes a training…

CityScience Featured in DYCD's Day of Wonder

We’re thrilled to announce that CityScience will showcase its FITBA summer program as part of the NYC Department of Youth & Community Development’s “Cultivating Curiosity: Day of Wonder” on June 28th, 2017. The event showcases select nonprofit programming in order to instill the same curiosity to inquire, create and explore in DYCD staff members that…